1. Confidentiality
    It is an absolute imperative for us. The inner circle is kept as small as possible. Candidates learn more details about our clients through in-person meetings and not through telephone calls or exchanging letters. The briefing paper is not handed out.

  2. Careful Selection
    Our selection decisions for the candidate presentation are made to the best of our knowledge and belief and based on our many years of experience. They are based on the collective findings from our interviews, testimonies, research and possibly (on special request of the client) psychological profiles or other opinions. We do not put forward unsuitable candidates.

  3. Intensive consultation during the presentation and hiring phases. Assistance through to the end of service.
    The client receives written documentation about our candidates before the presentation. In principle, we present the candidates in person. In the subsequent consultation, we take a position and make note of mutual interests. In order to avoid or overcome difficult situations, misunderstandings or misinterpretations during contract negotiations, we actively use our intermediary services on both sides. After the hiring phase, we remain in separate contact with both the client and the candidate to observe the onboarding process. If there is friction between the client and candidate, we strive to solve them through and a dialogue with both parties that is based on trust. In the event that employment is terminated within six months and is in any way related to our process, we will begin a new search free of charge.