1. Client ProtectionThe direct search commits us to our clients. The company of a client is not source of potential candidates for us. We define a client as an organization with which we maintain current business relations or for which we have worked over the past two years. The organization can be a single company, a division that combines a number of individual companies, or a group that has several divisions. Client protection covers the entire sphere of influence of the respective client.

  2. Attention to the Candidate's Interests
    We see ourselves as a link between our clients and the individual candidate. With respect to the candidate, we represent our client. Therefore, we keep the candidate informed about the status through acknowledgment of receipt, provisional responses and appropriate rejections. We organize specific meetings and during the interview we take into account the personality of the candidate. References from previously designated persons are obtained with the candidate’s consent. Finally, we ensure correct billing of any expenses incurred for the meeting. We always take care to ensure that the chances of a candidate's professional and personal development or other lasting benefits can be realized in their possible future position, at least in the long term. We only send an applicant’s documents in the case of existing business relationships and only with the express consent of the candidate. We never send these documents to potential clients in order to acquire them, even anonymously.