Define & Identify - Research & Preselection - Presentation and Project Completion
Our goal and our success are driven by customer focus, process speed and innovation.

As a result of the restructuring of the economy in recent years, increased technological access in every network for everyone, cuts in recruiting departments as well as internationalization, have brought changes in the recruitment industry, which created the potential for multiple possibilities in the contract design or the commission model. It should also be noted that this model is being used in the American and British labor markets with success.

In addition to the fixed fee, some personnel managers decide on project progress (usually divided into 3 project parts) for a variable performance contract.

Helpful variables to complete a "success-dependent" contract with a positive integration of a new employee into the company are worked out together in the initial discussions.

We note that a client does not need to commission each assignment (depending on the degree of difficulty of confidentiality or management level) in a binding manner by choosing between a fixed contract or a success dependent contract.

With clear decisions and conformity of moral and ethical observance of the norms in the labor market of the parties involved, we are well suited towards performance-based recruitment. It is also a motivation for us to gain new customers to know our approach and place in the market is confirmed.

With successful companies, we know how to complete recruitment successfully

The customer decides what is important to them!