Principle of action

The Partners of the Consulting Group
Partner for the Company and Candidates
Confidentiality is an absolute requirement

Quality Assurance

Personal responsibility of the consultant for order acquisition and processing. The client knows their consultant. In particular, the direct approach of potential candidates requires proven processes, life experience and a high degree of sensitivity and respect.

The visible profiles on the web-based platforms lead to quick connections being made that also can have quick ends so the utmost sensitivity and respect for the candidates must be given. For companies, you run the slight risk of legal conflicts in connection with a "Poaching."

Basic Principles

The principles of proper and qualified HR consulting as a guide to our recruiting in order to qualitatively and professionally create the optimal conditions for the client. Quality Management as a key factor for success through customer focus, a speedy process, and innovative strength.

Absolutely clear and authentic communication with great empathy in dealing with customers and candidates as a breeding ground for mutually successful cooperation.


Similarly, clients and candidates are guaranteed the utmost discretion from the first contact and discussions. Trust must be won with care and we can therefore ensure the sustainability of our services.

Our success is driven by a high standard of quality, care and passion, that we consistently pursue according to the chosen recruitment strategy that is used daily and analyzed continuously.