Frhr.v.Gleich Personalberater GmbH as a founding member of the partners of the consulting group EUROPEAN EXECUTIVE SEARCH PARTNERS (EESP) have a mainstay in the market for many years. Various partnerships and European and international network are the result of a market position, have acquired through building trust and aimed at a lasting position that we still hold to this day.

This success is based on firm principles that have guided us since the beginning and which we have set out below. Everyone can measure us against them.

  1. Exclusive Contract
    We operate according to a formal agreement with our customers that they do not enter into a contract with anyone else in the same capacity in the same period.

  2. Personal Responsibility of the Consultant
    This means that the same consultant is with you from the start of the process through to the end of the process. The client knows the consultant who is working with them.

  3. "Briefing Document" as a Foundation
    An important foundation of our work is an open, clearly structured discussion of all questions relating to the position to be filled. In this regard, not only are the tasks and other objective and specialized topics dealt with, but also the social context of the position and the personality profile necessary to fulfil the duties of the position. The content of the interview is documented and agreed upon with the client.

  4. Fair Conditions
    Basic Fixed Fee
    The contract is designed according to a fixed-fee basis and is progressive depending on the progress of the project. This type of contract continues to be successful in hard-to-fill positions and senior management.

    A search for the top management level or an extremely confidential search on the "hidden job market" (without public announcement) can only be fulfilled through an exclusive contract with the Head Hunter.

    The success of a personal search is determined by numerous factors, which can be linked to the client's business, the market, the position to be filled and of course our work. This is why we believe it is right to share the risks with our customers. The fee is then divided substantially into three installments. Each of the installments is based on a performance recognizable to the client. The last installment is based on our success.
    • Initial payment (upon commencement of the contract)
    • Payment at the presentation of candidates
    • Final Payment
  5. Variable Success Arrangement
    A variable commission model can be considered by both sides. However, this should be backed up by a contract to avoid any misunderstandings by either party. The deadlines for success dependent assignment should be in writing. Double claims (risk that exists when there is no exclusivity) of consultancy for staff should be avoided as much as possible, as this can result in a loss of image of both parties.

  6. 6. Guaranteed Expertise Through National and International Partnerships
    The variety of needs and issues that we discuss with clients in our own work prompted us to recognize at an early stage of the need to provide expert advice in a broader field, both professionally and geographically. With this in mind, we have chosen the path of collaboration at the national and international level with partners whom we have known for several years and for whose quality and reliability we can attest to. There is also close cooperation with the member states in many areas, including:
    • Outplacement
    • Training/Coaching
    • MBI/MBO (Management Buy-in/Management Buy-Out)

Based on our shared belief, the EESP advisory group consists exclusively of owner-managed companies. This enables us to offer consultancy services at a high level of quality.