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With this combination of methods, we can put together a systematic project workflow.

Great sensitivity is required to recommend the essential, targeted search method to meet any request made for budget, time and requirement profile.

In principle, guarantee the success of a standard assignment:

  • Carrying out of an accepted contract until the position is successfully filled.
  • Guarantee of a replacement if the employee leaves during the probationary period.

Our primary goal is to provide the client and our company with the highest quality in order to prevent mistakes. This saves both time and money and has a positive effect on the company's overall working environment and HR marketing. This is achieved with a "successful employee", i.e. their loyalty, an employee who can identify with the company and brings sustainable added value in the long run.

In the recruiting process, as much attention and importance on our part must be given to the candidate.

The Meeting, Client - Challenge - Job profile - Candidate - Moment, must be in sync.

Respect, sensitivity in response, earned trust through open communication, support with decisions, feedback on the status of the application process as well as support and check-ins beyond the integration process are given to the candidate as we see it as our responsibility.